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  • IncidentUnplanned disruption of operation in a service or service component, or degradation of service
  • Information SecurityPreservation of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information
  • Information Security ControlMeans of controlling or treating one or more risks to information security
  • Information security eventOccurrence or previously unknown situation indicating a possible breach of information security
  • Information security incidentSingle information security event or a series of information security events with a significant probability of having a negative impact on the delivery of services to customers, and therefore on the customers’ business operations
  • In SilicoAn expression used to mean 'performed on computer or via computer simulation'
  • Integrity of informationProperty of information not being subject to unauthorised modification, duplication or deletion
  • InteroperabilityThe ability of systems, people and organisations to provide Services to and accept services from other systems, people and organisations and to use the services so exchanged to enable them to operate effectively together.
  • IT ServiceService that is enabled by the use of information technology (IT)
  • IT Service ManagementEntirety of activities performed by an IT service provider to plan, deliver, operate and control IT services offered to customers

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