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  • NGIThe national federation of shared computing, storage and data resources that delivers sustainable, integrated and secure distributed computing services to the national research communities and their international collaborators. The federation is coordinated by a National Coordinating Body providing a single point of contact at the national level and has official membership in the EGI Council through an NGI legal representative.
  • NGI Coordination BodyAn organisation that has the exclusive responsibility for strategic decisions and overall management of an NGI. The organisation can perform or delegate the Role of NGI legal representative.
  • NGI Legal RepresentativeThe legal organisation that has the exclusive mandate delegated through the National Coordinating Body to legally represent an NGI at the national and international level and serves as the NGI representative member in the EGI Council. The NGI Legal Representative may also perform the function of the National Coordinating Body.
  • NonconformityCase or situation where a requirement is not fulfilled

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