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  • PackageA structured software unit suitable for automated installation on a computer. A Package may specify dependencies on other packages, so that either a specific version of that package, or a minimum version of that package may satisfy that dependency.
  • PlatformAn IT system composed by hardware and/or software components providing a compatibility layer that enables upper-level platforms or user applications to run.
  • PolicyDocumented set of intentions, expectations, goals, rules and requirements, often formally expressed by top management representatives in an organisation or federation
  • Policy Development ProcessThe process for the review, approval and revision of Policies and Procedures
  • Post implementation reviewReview after the implementation of a change that determines if the change was successful
  • PriorityRelative importance of a target, object or activity
  • ProblemUnderlying cause of one or more incidents that requires further investigation to prevent incidents from recurring or reduce the negative impact on services
  • ProcedureSpecified set of steps or instructions to be carried out by an individual or group to perform one or more activities of a process
  • ProcessStructured set of activities, with clearly defined responsibilities, that bring about a specific objective or set of results from a set of defined inputs

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