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  • RecordDocumentation of an event or of the results of performing a process or activity
  • ReleaseSet of one or more changes to configuration items (CIs) that are grouped together and deployed as a logical unit
  • RepositoryA storage location from which software packages may be retrieved and installed on a computer.
  • Request For ChangeDocumented proposal for a change to be made to one or more configuration items (CIs)
  • Research CollaborationA group of scientists or researchers from different universities, institutes or other organisations working together for a common goal.
  • Research InfrastructureFacilities, resources and services used by research communities to conduct research and foster innovation in their fields. Where relevant, they may be used beyond research, e.g. for education or public services. They include: major scientific equipment (or sets of instruments), knowledge-based resources such as collections, archives or scientific data, e-infrastructure such as data and computing systems and communication networks, any other dedicated research infrastructure — whether 'single-sit
  • ResourceA physical or virtual entity that is consumed from an e-Infrastructure through IT Services.
  • Resource CentreThe smallest resource administration domain in an e-Infrastructure. It can be either localised or geographically distributed. It provides a minimum set of local or remote IT Services compliant to well-defined IT Capabilities necessary to make resources accessible to Users. Access is granted by exposing common interfaces to Users.
  • Resource Centre AdministratorAn individual who is responsible for installing, operating, maintaining and supporting one or more Resources or IT Services in a Resource Centre
  • Resource Centre Operations ManagerAn individual who leads the Resource Centre operations, and is the official technical contact person in the connected organisation. He/she is locally supported by a team of Resource Centre Administrators.
  • Resource Infrastructure A federation of Resource Centres.
  • Resource Infrastructure ProviderThe legal organisation responsible for any matter that concerns the respective Resource Infrastructure. It provides, manages and operates (directly or indirectly) all the operational services required to an agreed level of quality as required by the Resource Centres and their user community. It holds the responsibility of integrating these operational services into EGI in order to enable uniform resource access and sharing for the benefit of their Users. The Resource infrastructure Provider liai
  • RiskPossible negative occurrence that would have a negative impact on the service provider’s ability to deliver agreed services to customers, or that would decrease the value generated through some service
  • RoleSet of responsibilities and connected behaviours or actions collected into a logical unit that can be assigned to an individual or group

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