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  • ValueBenefit to a customer and their users delivered by a service
  • Value propositionA promise of Value to be delivered and a belief from the customer/client of value that will be experienced. A value proposition can apply to an entire organisation, or parts thereof, or client accounts, or Products or Services.
  • Virtual machine imageA representation of the file system of a virtual machine, usually including a pre-configured operating system (OS) environment and a set of pre-installed applications.
  • Virtual organisationA group of people (e.g. scientists, researchers) with common interests and requirements, who need to work collaboratively and/or share resources (e.g. data, software, expertise, CPU, storage space) regardless of geographical location. They join a VO in order to access resources to meet these needs, after agreeing to a set of rules and Policies that govern their access and security rights (to users, resources and data).
  • Virtual organisation managerAn individual responsible for the membership registry of a VO including its accuracy and integrity.
  • Virtual Research CommunityA group of large-scale research collaborations, or a number of separate VOs grouped according to research domain or computational technique. The group shares information and experience in achieving their goals through the usage of an e-Infrastructure (e.g., best practices, applications, training material).
  • Virtual Research EnvironmentDomain specific environments or combination of environments that provide the researcher with easy access to the services deployed to enable their data analysis activities, whether through command line interfaces or higher-level generic tools that simplify the data analysis process.
  • Virtual teamA group of individuals spread across different organisations that are brought together for typically small scale projects, which cut across existing organisational structures

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