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  • EffectivenessExtent to which the goals and expectations connected are met
  • EfficiencyDegree of ability to meet goals and expectations with minimum consumption of resources
  • EGI CommunityThe EGI Federation plus the served research communities, the technology providers or any other organisation linked via an agreement with the EGI Foundation and contributing to the mission of the EGI Federation
  • EGI FederationEGI Foundation, EGI Foundation Participants and Associated Participants, their linked organisations (e.g. service and resource providers) represented within EGI Foundation that contribute to the objectives of the foundation
  • EGI FoundationThe legal entity whose objective is to coordinate and develop, in collaboration with its Participants, the EGI infrastructure that provides long-term distributed compute and storage resources for performing research and innovation activities.
  • EGI InfrastructureThe federated e-infrastructure composed national and intergovernmental computing and data centres from the EGI Federation providing advanced computing services for research and innovation
  • EGI ParticipantNGIs, EIROs, ERICs and such other legal entities, in their own capacity or as representative of a consortium, that contribute to the objective of the foundation
  • e-InfrastructureCombination of digital technology, computational resources, and communications to support collaborative work and research
  • EscalationChange of responsibility for a case (such as an incident, service request, problem or change) or activity to another individual or group
  • European Intergovernmental Research OrganisationA legal organisation and member of the EIROforum that has extensive expertise in the areas of basic research and the management of large, international infrastructures, facilities and research programmes.
  • European Open Science CloudInitiative to offer researchers a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines.
  • European Research AreaA unified research area open to the world based on the Internal Market, in which researchers, scientific knowledge and technology circulate freely and through which the Union and its Member States strengthen their scientific and technological bases, their competitiveness and their capacity to collectively address grand challenges.

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