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  • Science gatewayA community-specific set of tools, applications, and data collections that are integrated together via a web portal or a desktop application, providing access to Resources and Services.
  • Scientific DisciplinesA particular branch of scientific knowledge; "the science of genetics"
  • ServiceWay to provide value to customers through bringing about results that they want to achieve
  • Service acceptance criteriaCriteria that must be fulfilled by the time a new or changed service is deployed and made available to customers / users
  • Service catalogueCustomer-facing list of all live services offered along with relevant information about these services
  • Service componentLogical part of a service that provides a function enabling or enhancing a service
  • Service design and transition packageEntirety of plans for the design and transition of a specific new or changed service
  • Service level agreementDocumented agreement between a customer and service provider that specifies the service to be provided and the service targets that define how it will be provided
  • Service level indicatorA defined quantitative measure of some aspect of the level of service that is provided. The Indicator is a measure of the service level provided by a service provider to a customer. SLIs form the basis of Service Level Targets, which in turn form   form the basis of Service Level Agreements.
  • Service managementEntirety of activities performed by a service provider to plan, deliver, operate and control services offered to customers
  • Service management planOverall plan for implementing and operating a service management system (SMS)
  • Service management systemOverall management system that controls and supports management of services within an organisation or federation
  • Service optionA choice of utility and warranty that the customer can/should specify when commissioning the service.
  • Service portfolioInternal list that details all the services offered by a service provider, including those in preparation, live and discontinued
  • Service providerOrganisation or federation (or part of an organisation or federation) that manages and delivers a service or services to customers
  • Service reportReport that details the performance of a service versus the service targets defined in service level agreements (SLAs) – often based on key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Service requestUser request for information, advice, access to a service or a pre-approved change
  • Service reviewPeriodic evaluation of the quality and performance of a service together with the customer or under consideration of customer feedback, from which opportunities for improvement are identified, follow-up actions to increase the value of the service are determined
  • Service targetReference / target values for a parameter used to measure the performance of a service, listed in a service level agreement (SLA) related to this service
  • SolutionA combination of products, services, and intellectual property focused on solving a problem (opportunity) that creates and/or drives value (measurable) and can be significantly standardised. The solutions components can be from either the provider and one or more partners, and the solutions implementer can be the provider, the partner, the customer itself, or a combination of the three. 
  • StandardA document, established by consensus and approved by a Standards Organisation, which provides, for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context. Compliance is not compulsory.
  • Standard Organisation BodyA chartered organisation tasked with producing Standards and specifications, according to specific and strictly defined requirements, procedures and rules. 
  • SupplierExternal organisation that provides a (supporting) service or service component(s) to the service provider, which they need to provide services to their customers / users

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